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Lesson 11: Action Items

Here are the “to-do” actions itemized for you.

Do either a self-mailing OR

1. Self Mailing.  

2. Accept Certificate of Land Title – see 22:11 at main Video presentation – Accept, Date, Sign AND if you receive your self-mail blank sheet of paper back in time…..place the blank sheet of paper in printer (obviously test your printer first to get this right, and copy your COT onto the self-mailed sheet with the GOAL of having the Cancelled Stamp Original be on the back of a copy of your COT. This shows conveyance into trust. If you do not have time for this step just continue without this step. This step just shows continuance of evidence of conveyance of title into Trust. (see Video for example).

3. UCC #1

4. UCC #2 – this you send with Notice of Interest

5. PPSR – Set up account

6. PPSR #1

7. PPSR #2 – this you send with Notice of Interest

8. Notice of Interest (NOI) – make sure you add a second Registered Mail Number on top of the right-hand corner (this will also be your Folio/Reference # in your UCC & PPSR filing #2 and remember to also add to Collateral section).

NOI gets sent out with

    • Copy of conveyed and Accepted Certificate of Land Title
    • UCC #2 (#2 only DO NOT SEND Finance Statement #1)
    • PPSR #2 (#2 only DO NOT SEND Finance Statement #1)

9. Package goes Registered Mail to Deputy Attorney General of your State/Province and a COPY to King In Right of Province/State (or Gov General of State if in US).

    • Get back of top half of reg.mail sticker stamped – this is your bill of lading as per self-mailing video

10. Download your tracking number delivery schedule PDF – see video

11. Keep good records and copies of EVERYTHING. Trust yourself. Have fun.