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This initial webinar and the workshop that follows is designed to educate and provide knowledge and action steps outlined in the Provincial and/or State (US & Australia) statutes to protect your land and real estate property.

Part One is a two-hour interactive information session that will educate participating members about the diverse aspects of land ownership, property surveys, and proper documentation and recording activities necessary to protect your land.

Following the Part One webinar as outlined below, members are invited to a 3-day (2 hours per day) hands-on lecture and workshop series that will walk you through the knowledge and steps (with templates) outlined in the Provincial and/or State (US & Australia) statutes to secure and protect current and future property.


Join us for a 2-hour presentation and discussion around this CRITICAL topic. Some of the areas we will dive into include:

  • What is under-the-hood of your Mortgage contract with your bank or mortgage company?
  • Why are you listed as a "tenant" or a "joint tenant" if you purchased your home? Are you not the owner? What does this mean?
  • What are the responsibilities of the home purchaser when buying a home - that are not openly discussed by the real estate company, lawyers, bankers or mortgage companies?
  • How can Municipal or Regional District employees come on to my property and demand I register my water well if I am the owner? and do I have to comply? (no but you must take actions to prevent their authority over this situation)
  • What are the steps that needed to be done to properly secure and protect my land and property legally and at law?

Who is this Program for?

  • Home owners and purchasers seeking a deeper understanding of this topic.
  • Home owners and purchasers aiming to safeguard their homes, lands, and real estate against potential government, bank, or court interventions, both current and future.
  • Home owners and purchasers currently experiencing foreclosure proceedings and actively seeking methods to preserve their properties, who are in need of effective remedial strategies.

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PART 1: Safeguard Your Land Recorded Program

Required Donation:  US $19 (CAD $23.00)
* merchant charges in US dollars

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Join us for a 3 day (x 2 hour per day) Lecture & Workshop on Safeguarding Your Land & Real Estate Property. This workshop will include:

DAY 1:

  • Understanding Home-Buyers Responsibility
    • In this comprehensive lecture, members will delve into the process, tenets, and different parties involved in home transactions including:
      • The Home Buyer's Duty Process - gain insights beyond the step-by-step process of your obligations to a home buying contract - what did you not know to do? How did this leave you ill-protected? Innerstand the legal and financial aspects of what takes place and has taken place if you already own your home.
      • Delve into the Key "PARTIES" of the contract including financial institutions, conveyance lawyers, title companies, insurance providers, city and provincial authorities and of course you the "home-buyer"

DAY 2 & 3:

  • Practical Application Workshop
    • This workshop is tailored to empower participants with knowledge about land ownership, survey filing, and proper land documentation as per the land titles acts.
    • You will learn how to create Special Surveys that are required to be recorded at Land Titles to properly secure your land
    • You will learn key terminologies and definitions and survey-related terms that will help you confirm existing plans or order new special surveys
    • You will be shown how Provincial and Municipal descriptors like PID - connect to the "ADDRESS", plans and districts within your province
    • Action Plans that outline due dilligence required for new homebuyers as well as action plans and templates for current land owners will be covered and provided
    • Practical document templates for customization with action plans will clarify the process required to properly secure your land and real estate property

Who is this Program for?

  • Canadians who wish to be more informed on this topic
  • Canadians who wish to protect their homes, lands, real estate from any government and/or current or future court actions


We have taken many courses of the past few years, and nothing compares to this. Beyond expectations we learned so much, and are forever grateful for Angela, Mark, and Bernard's hard work in presenting this, putting all details together in a format that is comprehendible. EVERYONE should be taking this course. We look forward to many more courses from this team! Powerhouse! - Teri & Peter, Canada


I am in my 70s now and I am grateful for attending this workshop. I learned that dealing with government entities is all about business contracts and the law is on my side. However, I should know about the law in order for me to complete the contract in my favour. Thank you. - Edwin, Canada


I have gained an greater awareness about contracting & understand the pathways and implementable actions I am required to take to safeguard ones property.  A plethora of support material  provided along with the workshop recordings,   I can go over the workshops repeatedly, as each time I do I gain a further understanding of what I need to do in my particular situation. Informative & Mind blowing! - Linda, Australia


Hello Angela, Mark & Bernard.  Thank you very much for the information you provided and shared in this course.  I had some previous knowledge concerning Common Law, but your perspective, insights, experience and sharing with respect to the intersection of the legal system and the lawful system have pushed forward my own understanding and comfort level.  I am now ready to move forward with my own land project. - Gurda, Canada


There is an enormous amount of information to process. During the end of each mod, we were given a great amount of time to answer our questions and help give further direction, all 3 teachers were extremely patient and knowledgeable ... The course was Valuable and Empowering. - Robyn & Charlie, Canada


The presenters are extremely knowledgeable on this topic.  Thank you for sharing your expertise. - Janice, Canada


3 webinars of pack filled information! - Tammy, Canada


Important, life-changing, challenging, worth taking! - Lisa, Canada


Private Membership Conversation Ahead

Sovereign Design is a Private Membership Association and Invites you to join our private membership conversations! By signing up for any of our conversations, you agree to becoming a member! No membership fee is required at this time, however, a small donation for our guests time is required as below.


PART 1: Land Protection WEBINAR

PART 2: Land Protection WORKSHOP
Recorded Lecture & Hands-on Workshop

Required Donation: UD $250.00 (CAD $340)
* merchant charges in US dollars.


All Rights Reserved. Participants are responsible for their own learning of this material. This information is not financial or legal advice.