Private Trusts Part One 2022

Private Trusts

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Unravelling the Mystery of Trusts

Ready to dive into the Mystery of Private Trusts?

People worldwide are experiencing unprecedented shifts in their lives, some by choice and many not. Institutional systems that held our livelihoods and perspectives together are now crumbling and many are seeking a higher path of Self-Reliance and Self-Governance. If this is you, then read on.

Are you a doctor, dentist, teacher, licensed professional or a business owner now caught in the crosshairs of a system trying to force you to do something that doesn’t resonate with you and you're not sure of how to move your profession forward? Maybe you are having thoughts on how to protect your assets because your career is now under attack? Maybe you simply want to protect your property and you heard that Private Trusts are a great way to achieve this end? Or maybe you are just looking to start a business or move your current organization into an unincorporated jurisdiction? Private Trusts support all of this and more……

Throughout history, Trusts have been used as a strategy for wealthy families to grow and protect their wealth, to then transfer this wealth to their heirs. Today, more and more individuals are looking to move out of Statutory systems that reign with unnecessary controls and move back to a simpler way of life working directly with members of their communities. Trusts can be a Legal or lawful arrangement and have many benefits and purposes, some of the primary uses are:

  1. Protection of Assets
  2. Generational Preservation of Assets
  3. The conduct of business in a private environment
  4. Privacy

Trusts have many applications, a plethora of strategies, and many combinations which can exist in different jurisdictions. They are not a “one size fits all”. This is not an effective use of these tools.

Sovereign By Design approaches the Trust conversation differently. We are here, at this time, to support the shift and expansion of Divine Expression on the planet. Including yours if you so choose.

Our goal is to move you through the re-cognition of Who You Are in the face of all that is going on in the world, as ANY Trust will only be as good as the Substance that YOU bring to the Form. We offer training in Private Trusts to support what Substance and Creative Form you want to express into this world. Further down the path, we will introduce you to your Estate and how to take control of this particular Trust, which was set up for you through the Birth Certificate. Only if it sparks your interest.

What is arising on the planet is a shift in consciousness: Who we Really Are and Who the perceived Powers-that-be Really Are, and how they have controlled our thinking and belief systems for centuries in order to control our Divine essence and expression in the World.

When we connect with Who We Really Are, there is no control system in the Universe that can dim our light or prevent the full force Expansion of the Divine. This is the “Trust” conversation we want to have with you.

Yes, of course, we cover the basics thoroughly:

  • What are Trusts?
  • How are Trusts regulated?
  • What kinds of Trusts are there?
  • How many Trusts do I need?
  • How can I operate my business in the Private, in UN-incorporated arenas of contract?
  • How do I protect my property through Trusts?
  • The Trustee role - what are the responsibilities within different Trusts? What are the qualities of a good trustee?  How do I assure that the Trustee is honouring the intents and purposes of the Trust with integrity?
  • The Beneficiary - What are the rights and duties of the Beneficiary in general?
  • Trust Administration, and Accounting of day to day management activities of the Trust

Unravelling the Mystery of Trusts covers all of this AND we also want to support you in how to use Trusts to fully “express your Spark of Divinity in the World”.  Sovereign By Design is not interested or here to just “sell” you a Trust. We are here to support the essence of who you are, and assist you in growing into that Divine vision.

If you are looking to just “buy a trust” and have someone else do it for you, truthfully, we are not that, and most likely not a fit. We are here to assist the rise and manifestation of Self-Governance and Private Organizations. If this is you, let's keep going....

How will this program support my life?

  • Gain a fundamental understanding of the basics of both Private and Public Trusts
  • Explore over 21 types of Trusts and which one (or combination of them) will best fit your individual life situation.
  • Learn how to take your existing business into a Private Jurisdiction and work directly with your members outside of government jurisdiction
  • Create a Map of Your Life Plan so that you are ready to take the next steps in creating and building out your Private Trust structure

Who is this Program for?

  • Every business owner desiring to learn about how to take your Business from the Public into the Private
  • Every individual who wants to step into Self Governance and work through Private Business Associations as a means to expressing their Divine Gifts into their community and world at large
  • Those willing to roll up their sleeves, do some research, do some homework and get their Life Plan on paper
  • Those who have previously purchased a Personal or Business Trust and received no education on how to use it
  • Those exploring Trusts and want a basic, fundamental education

Unravelling the Mystery of Trusts

Unravelling the Mystery of Trusts Includes:

  1. Recorded Webinars (4 x (90-120 minutes each) leading you on a discourse of Private Trusts
  2. Recorded Q&A Session (1 x 60-minutes) submit by previous panel Members
  3. Homework and Guidance on How to Create Your Own Life Plan on paper so that you are ready to engage in creating your Trust Structure (with us, or someone else, or creating it yourself). In any situation, you can be prepared with and for a knowledgeable and researched conversation.
  4. Invitation to a Private-Member Telegram Channel to research and grow with others on the same journey
  5. An invitation to Build Out your Private Trust Structure - separate from this training program and by donation separately

Investment for Unravelling the Mystery of Private Trusts Part One USD $250

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Wisdom’s Calling; The Blessings of Liberti & Unravelling The Mystery of Trusts

This program is the Foundational program to any Sovereignty training. The programs will guide you to put into an Affidavit WHO YOU ARE as a Minister of Peace, a neutral, protected under International Law. 10 X 90-minute recordings lead you on a journey through historical research that reveals the misguided belief that you are living in the land of the free and provides the bridge to the experience of reclaiming personal sovereignty. (Regular USD $500 Donation for both. Combo for USD$400 and save $100)

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