The Sovereign Evolution

The state of our country and our world is no longer recognizable. It has failed.


The freedom that our forefathers fought for has been usurped by greedy corporations, supported by governments with no remorse for their actions, or accountability to the people they are supposed to serve.


We can no longer sit and hope that someone is coming to save us, it is clear they are not. We are the ones we have been waiting for.


This evolution of change we desire is one that will happen not with violence, but with knowledge. Knowledge of existing laws that allow us to peacefully pivot away from the oppressors and the corporate oligarchs we naively placed our trust with to protect us and lead us.


The evolution of Sovereigns will come with the knowledge of our inherent right to self-determine. A gift of choice. A choice of the jurisdiction in which we choose to live. We are free to choose and in fact, we currently are choosing, we just are not aware.


Private Conscious-Cooperative-Communities are the next stage of mankind’s social evolution and Sovereign By Design is here to be a catalyst for this change by providing educational materials for Self-Governance and Private Membership Associations.


If this rings true to your soul and you are desiring this change then this community is a great place to start your journey.


Note to reader:

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