North West Territories Authentication Instructions


Northwest Territories does not offer provincial authentication services, you will need to send your birth certificate and ROLB referred to as ("restricted copy") straight to Global Affairs for Federal Authentication.

The link to the Federal Authentication page is provided below:

Before sending any certificates off for federal authentication, follow the mailing instructions provided below for your records!


Registered mailing Instructions For BC & ROLB to Global Affairs Canada

  1. Copy the Cover letter template for yourself to use and edit the information that is correct at your time of mailing and requests for authentication.
  2. Sign document with Blue Pen (First, Last name as usual)
  3. Attach one of the registered mail tracking stamps at the top right as shown in above example on your cover letter. You will get these registered mail stickers from the post office. Attach the other one to the receipt you get at the post office when sending. Put this in your binder for your records. Take a picture of your document or photocopy it and keep a record in your binder with a picture of the envelope.
  4. Send Registered Mail.
  5. When your documents come back, keep them in your binder (in plastic sleeves to keep them in good shape).


In this Process You Will Want to keep Copies of Everything 

for your records!




Done by the light of day this:

 Second day of the twelve month of:

 Two-thousand and Nineteen this common era.

To: Global Affairs Canada
Authentication Services Section (JLAC)
125 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, ON K1A 0G2

RE:  Authentication Request for Registration Document


I am requesting authentication of the below document(s):

  1.     Registration of Live Birth
  2.     Birth Certificate

I have included in my order of said certificates a prepaid self addressed envelope for delivery of the authenticated birth certificate and registration of a life birth certificate. 


I affirm that I require this process "for business and private matters" and these document(s) will NOT be used for “fraudulent purposes.”


Please return to the address below:


#123 123 Ave.

City, Province 



By: Authorized Representative:  ___________________________________