Prince Edward Island Authentication Instructions

When you have a document executed in Prince Edward Island and attested before a Notary Public for Prince Edward Island, other countries, including the United States, may require a Certificate of Authentication.

In Prince Edward Island, the authentication of documents is handled by the Department of Justice and Public Safety, Legal Services Section.

What is the process for authentication?

  • Legal Services staff will confirm the Notary’s signature.
  • A Certificate of Authentication will be signed by specified Legal Services lawyers.
  • Allow for at least 5-7 days for authentication.

Is there a fee for authentication?

There is no fee for authentication.

How do I contact Legal Services?

Documents can be mailed in or presented in person to:

Justice and Public Safety

Legal Services Section

PO Box 2000

95 Rochford St., 4th Fl. Shaw S.

Charlottetown, PE   C1A 7N8

Telephone:  902-368-6522

Documents received by mail for authentication are returned by regular mail or by addressed prepaid envelope provided. When sending documents to this office, please include a contact name and phone number where you can be reached during normal business hours.

Prince Edward Island  Authentication website: 


Notaries in PEI:

Ian W. H. Bailey Law Office 

Main 902-566-2093

Fax 902-628-6165


Cost for notarizing each certificate $50.00 (tax included) + cost for prepaid envelopes to both authentication and back to you. 


Carr, Stevenson & MacKay



65 Queen Street

P.O. Box 522

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

C1A 7L1

Telephone: 902 892-4156

Fax: 902 566-1377


Arranges to do this process for you at $150.00 +tax

Including: notarizing both copies, sending certified copies to authentications, and couriering originals back to you.  

  • Email:
  •  | Phone: (902) 626-4265
  •  | Fax: (902) 566-1377


Registered mailing Instructions 


  1. Copy the Cover letter template for yourself to use and edit the information that is correct at your time of mailing including amounts enclosed and send it with your certificates.
  2. Sign document with Blue Pen (First, Last name as usual)
  3. Attach one of the registered mail tracking stamps at the top right as shown in above example on your cover letter. You will get these registered mail stickers from the post office. Attach the other one to the receipt you get at the post office when sending. Put this in your binder for your records. Take a picture of your document or photocopy it and keep a record in your binder with a picture of the envelope.
  4. Send Registered Mail.
  5. When your documents come back, keep them in your binder (in plastic sleeves to keep them in good shape).


In this Process You Will Want to keep Copies of Everything 

for your records!




Done by the light of day this:

 Second day of the twelve month of:

 Two-thousand and Nineteen this common era.

To: Justice and Public Safety

Legal Services Section

PO Box 2000

95 Rochford St., 4th Fl. Shaw S.

Charlottetown, PE   C1A 7N8


RE:  Authentication Request for Registration Document


I am requesting authentication of the below document(s) that are enclosed:

  1.     Registration of Live Birth
  2.     Birth Certificate



I affirm that I require this process “for business and private matters” and these document(s) will NOT be used for “fraudulent purposes.”


Please return to the address below in prepaid envelope provided:


#123 123 Ave.

Vancouver, BC  V3A 3V2  


By: Authorized Representative:  ___________________________________