Birth Certificate



Government-issued birth certificates serve many purposes depending on how you view your relationship to it, and your *over-standing of the contractual obligations you have or do not have with it.

In this module, you will receive entertainment information on:

  1. Different names for the same piece of documentation and its legal and physical characteristics
  2. What you need to know about these forms being moved online
  3. How mid-wives affect the documentation process, and what happens when third party's fill out the documentation for you
  4. The different ways you can reserve your rights when filling out the documentation
  5. How is it that CPS and government agents can come in a claim control of your child
  6. How the documentation leads to being a taxable event
  7. How if your titles remain unrebutted or unchanged, your parents or you as the parent are declaring that technically a SINner and criminal has entered the world
  8. Why making claim by addendum added to this document upon registration, reserves, and claims all rights title and interest over the property ‘your child’
  9. The birth registration, as an intended trust document, is a warranty deed instrument backed by an insurance bond

Disclaimer: This program does not constitute legal advice and the user is responsible for their own due diligence and use of any of the contents or application of any information or forms coinciding with the following descriptives.