Wisdom’s Calling 2022: The Blessings of Liberti

Wisdom’s Calling: The Blessings of Liberti

Liberti: Lat. In Roman law. Freedmen. The condition of those who, having been slaves, had been made free. (from BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY, Revised Fourth Edition.)

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10 Steps to Liberti!

Ready to dive into a 10-part interactive discourse of unlearning, relearning, growing and integrating how to stand in your power and freely exercise your unalienable rights?

If you answered YES, and you know your freedoms are being eroded, AND you have been searching for a way to protect you and your family in these unprecedented times, then this Private Membership course is for you!

Learn how to claim

your own Divine Sovereign status!

Join us for 10-informative webinars and carve out your path to Liberti!

How will this program impact my life?

  • Learn about quiet wars that currently restrict your life and your freedom
  • Research and discuss treaties and conventions that protect your Sovereign Rights
  • Gain fundamental knowledge and practical tools to express your sovereignty in action in the world - i.e. decline masks, experimental shots, protect your property (including your children)
  • Re-connect to your Divine Nature as the foundation of who you truly are and with that rise above War Powers as a Sovereign
  • …and so much more!

Who is this Program for?

  • Every individual from every country around the planet that wishes to self-authenticate and claim their sovereign status
  • Those struggling with how to protect themselves, protect their children, peacefully decline masks, PCR tests, clinical jabs, deal with employers or just travel freely...this program will walk you through the knowledge you need to set yourself free.
  • Those that are ready to move past their inner blockages and limiting beliefs in order to stand in their rightful Sovereign-self
  • Wisdom seekers & Change makers

As vessels of light, Marcia Ann and Dr. Dessie Andrews, deliver this program to the world with the intention of releasing all souls from their perceived limitations.

“"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free" ― Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe.

We were born into a maze of governmental structure that we all think is upholding the intentions of the founders of our country, ‘We the People’. We never thought to question that.

This course material brings to light surprising insights and a different perspective on truth.

We are an integral part of Creation but our disconnect from that Source has us stumbling to find the path home.

Until now.

Marcia Ann has spent the greater part of 32 years turning over every rock on the path to exposing the true nature and expression of Sovereignty.

Dr. Dessie Maria Andrew’s 42 years of relentless research and dedication to truth has inspired the stepping stones through history, setting the foundation for Wisdom’s Calling: The Blessings of Liberti.

Guided by spirit, these two women have been talking and walking Liberti and now provide you with the form and substance of liberty, so you can renew your connection to freedom in your life. To do so, you must know the truth about the reality of War Powers and how that knowledge can elevate you above its damaging influence.

Here is what you will participate in during this 10-part discourse:

  1. Research the History of War Powers, Lieber Code, and the Insurrection Act and what impact they have on your Sovereignty
  2. Explore the origin of the quiet wars and the consequences on your life
  3. Inquire into how you may have been designed for this moment in time
  4. Find the value of being Present and Cognizant
  5. Research treaties and conventions that verify the international agreement to protect your autonomy
  6. Gain the fundamental knowledge and practical tools for expression and recognition of personal sovereignty in action in the world

Empower yourself to remember, claim and embody the “Blessing of Liberti”

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10 x 2022 Recorded discourse conversations (90 minutes each) leading you on a journey through historical research that reveals the misguided belief that you are living in the land of the free and provides the bridge to the experience of claiming personal sovereignty.

10 X 2021 discourse recordings (60-90 minutes each) from a prior Live Discourse Series

Monthly group meetings available to support your moving through the material and the process of creating your Affidavit of Ministry.

Donation for this Private Membership program is $250 USD

Joy comes from every soul taking flight through this study. As we trust the laws of the universe, we wish that you will find great value in this life-changing program. Please refer it to many others. Individually we are free and together we can free the world.