The Reckoning vs the Reset

Are you done yet with what is happening in the world? Can you see the war between the light and dark consciousness? Have you experienced first-hand being brought to your knees to reconcile your blindness to the ‘system’ that has been playing it’s cards for centuries? This is your opportunity for a consciousness reset.

Yes this is a highly emotional time as the world is going through it’s healing process. The reckoning between sleeping zombies and awakened ‘warriors’. Welcome to Alice’s deep dark hole to truth. We are being led to a higher vibrational way of living and perspective. Such as life has existed this way for eons, the unseen is now seen. Hallelujah!

Thank you to the deep st*ate for showing your hand in spades. Your plan is wide open. It’s fantastically obvious in the courts that they are just administrative ecclesiastical tribunals and have no more force or effect than a private company contracting with another company, hence why they cannot see the living in their dead fiction pit of hell. Baal god’s electric chair for sinners. Are you shocked by how you’ve been treated. Did you learn fast!? LOL.

Why are you going through what you are going through? We are being asked to look inside ourselves for the mirror of the internal corruption, fears and untruths within so that we can return to the 1000 years of peace long been talked about and whispered behind closed doors. How can we reach external peace when there’s still conflict inside of ourselves. As above, so below. As inside, so outside.

The return of whom that shall not be named – the Christ/Creator within. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. The empowered, the awakened and the take no shit “God essences” with a mission.

Your level of reactivity to your situation determines how much more awakening and study you need to do. Don’t let the external fear programs sway you off your path. These are your tests. It’s being presented for healing between you and your ‘lesson giver’. Why are they pulling out all the stops and censoring ‘tr**thers? We’ve reached a mass awareness that cannot be turned back. Woohoo! It may seem painful for those who have come before those going through their fire now, but you are here at this time to help those going through the process. WE are going through a re-balancing. The reckoning of your sins with your good deeds.

Remember what it was like when you discovered your enslavement and bondage? How you felt when you discovered you’ve been used your whole life by a private corporation to finance their operations? Forgive yourselves for not knowing. It has been a stealthily masked plan which has been perfected. And when you start to uncover the patterns, you will see we keep going through these challenges so we can finally leave Babylon. God’s groundhog day education series.

Are you confident that you’ve left a legacy to be proud of? Have you contributed to helping others or stealing from others? How many lives have you destroyed for the sake of your job hiding behind your corporate veils and how many have you built up or supported? Have you engaged in supporting a global ponzi scheme known as private pirate banking and surety traitors through the courts and unlawful admiralty processes? We see you. We know you. We are awakening. Thanks for the lessons and experiences!

You might say it’s my job, but you are liable for your conscious decisions. If you know what you are doing is morally wrong but still do it anyway, you are fully liable for your deeds and intentions. God/the creator, sees and knows all. You cannot hide your thoughts or intentions. And you will be held to account for this. Just ask anyone who died and came back. You meet your maker on the other side and the books will have to be balanced. We all will.

So what legacy are you leaving? What are you leaving for your children? They will be the ones to live with your karma and decisions. Are you proud of what you’ve done? Can you hold your head high? Can you look yourself in the mirror and say I like myself for who I am and what I’ve done. At the end of the day, you have to face yourself and your maker. Facing the who have I become question.

The creator left these messages that any of us can use as a defence against dark forces and the curses of the law (remember Harry Potter training?? hint hint):

I pray to God for the destruction of your flesh so that you can be redeemed. I claim the authority and power of the shed blood of the Mesiah to reverse all curses and attacks against us in the matter of….. any bankers, police, court agents, ministers, government agents….you fill in the blanks. Who will be reckoned and who will be reset – you decide.


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