You were born to Free Earth at this Time

Welcome to the brave new world of the 21st century where revolting against the underpinnings of a world-wide communist agenda seems to be a daily showdown of good vs evil.

We are in unprecedented times. Why were you born at this point in history? If you are reading this then perhaps you know that what is happening in the world is not just a commercial re-organization of leadership control but a supernatural reckoning of our souls. A psycho-spiritual re-evaluation to rebalance our perspectives and behavior.

Where the world is attempting to find true peace and balance caused by our own complacency, fears, or just lack of trust in our own authority. We all have the ability to get through this as gracefully as we can with the knowledge that we currently have. Not by being heroes, but by standing in the power of the knowledge that we were designed by an advanced intelligent sentient being or by evolution, an advanced intelligent design that resulted in our ability to choose to be less or more than our creator.

Our creator trusts us to evolve. What that looks like can be guided by a higher sentient intent or a lower vibrational survivalist focus that ends in our own destruction. Moving forward to a higher path will require each of us to introspect on how we created this reality.

What we do each day to either hold peace or hatred in our hearts affects the scales of the conscious collective. It’s challenging, believe me, I know. I still vacillate when my own emotions get caught up in the outwardly appearing unending drama that is unfolding. Were you designed for war or peace? Are you destroying or restoring?

Yes, there are times to rise to a cause and do battle against evil forces. Without darkness, there cannot be light and without light, we would not know darkness. They are interdependent on each other until we realize, one state makes us feel good, expansive, alive and the other makes us feel bad, defeated, and dead inside. Darkness can be causation for glory, proof of strength, power, or liberation. But can you have these without creating war? Do you really need these if your ego is under control?

Why would we need this kind of reality if we didn’t need to learn about these similar truths inside of ourselves? The darkness inside that we don’t like to look at. If we truly want to be sentient, benevolent and join with other higher conscious life forms, we must first shed our infancy, like in law, by coming of age; to the age of majority and manage our affairs competently, confidently, and intelligently.

We accepted a higher god in our governments, expecting them to oversee and care for us like parents to a child. We fell asleep and let others determine our fates and our rights. The harsh reality is that we have let them do what they are doing. And now, the world is awakening to their choices.

Have faith and be thankful that all is being revealed. The dark agenda is all out in the open. Their fly is unzipped and they can’t help themselves but show themselves in their gloating, as they believe they are invincible. Just like Goliath against David. The seemingly mighty fall is hard as they have a higher perch to descend from.

Their destruction that may be foreign to their beliefs, comes as a great shock and awe when it finally happens, as they will be without comprehension as to how it occurred. They will be blinded by their own insanity to the miracles and perseverance of those of us that make it happen by our thoughts, deeds, and intent.

Methodically, with faith and forward motion by examining and healing the corruption, greed, and fear within ourselves, we will help to restore balance. Our environment is the product of our own doing. We are our own red pill. Bravery comes from confidence and confidence comes from competence. We see you as the all-powerful creator being that you are.

It’s time. Time that you released this fully realized sentient creator inside of you! You have it in you! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here, now, at this time, backed by the trust and faith of our own creator. So dig deep if you have to, dust more courage off and get going. See the lighted path before you and let nothing dissuade you. The universe is watching all the brave, powerful souls here on earth and they are rising to their feet in anticipation of our mutual victories!

Oa Katerra©
(will of the soul essence of the earth)


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