Your Knowledge Arsenal – What do you need to study

Newbies to the ‘sovereign’ movement face confusion and perplexing areas of study to wade through on their learning journey.  Becoming competent in your affairs and learning to stand on your power of authority requires commitment and strength in your resolve to have a solid knowledge base that you can use at your disposal for any given situation.

Many of us have been doing this a long time and the goal post seems to keep changing, so we are kept in the dark and away from our real inheritance as heirs to our real estates.  There’s a very strong vested interest the courts, governments and securities commission have in your estates, as the bond christened at your birth registration provides the collateral for the public debt with your signature and agreement of bondage.  (see Christ G.W. Corporate Suretyship.  New York, London McGraw-Hill 1939 – “when the new born bond has thus been christened with a number, its birth certificate is prepared…”).

The process is also a journey of self-discovery…

When you travel this learning path, you change.  How you change and the outlook you have depends on your integration and use of the information you study.

The path at times can feel like the ground is collapsing beneath your feet with no one to pull you out.  And at other times, you joyously raise your fist in the air as a celebration of the successes you have.  You meet yourself and your fears pretty quickly on this journey and that is the beauty behind the beast system.

The discovery of your ultimate authority is uplifting.  You meet both the desirous peaceful lamb that sees the hope of the future and the lion inside that is ready to protect it’s den.  All are experiences to shape your consciousness and behavioural programming to a life of war or a life of peace.  Public is about conquering and destruction and Private is about peace and constructive creation.

Does it take a benevolent personality to do this work?  Ultimately if you are going to learn to be self-managing, and self-governing, that comes with responsibility, accountability and a higher conscious perspective.  If we are made in the image of Creator/God (Grantor of Dominion) then wouldn’t our creator expect us to conduct ourselves in a highly evolved way?  To make peace not war?

What do you need to learn?

The never changing law book and code of conduct starts with the creator’s word here on earth, the bible.  Specifically the authorized 1611 King James Bible which is recognized in the courts and the Canadian constitution as the superior law. If you have an adverse reaction to using or studying the bible then you will have a less likelihood to get your real inheritance.  The path is narrow for a reason.

However, there are lots of ways you can conduct your commercial affairs and here are some of the areas that are necessary study topics:

  1. The bible
  2. Securities laws and transfer of securities
  3. UCC/PPSA – your public commercial remedies and lien standing of interest
  4. Admiralty Law (used as the primary administrative procedure in courts and service providers)
  5. Contract Law
  6. The difference between public and private
  7. The differences between agency, man, trustee, Power of Attorney, Executor, Heir, Beneficiary, Principal, Grantor, Grantee and when to use these positions
  8. Trusts  – how these are formed and how to structure them for your protection
  9. Wills and estates – you have a public estate (by operation of statutory legal land) and private estate (from your creator)
  10. Equity and how to obtain it – coming with clean hands
  11. Jurisdiction when dealing with courts, tickets, claims
  12. Deeds and titles – conveyancing property
  13. Declarations and Notices – how to handle them and how to write one
  14. Bills of Exchanges and indorsements

This may seem an exhaustive and daunting list, however, you will be tested by the system so they can make an assessment whether your are competent or confident in the administration of your affairs.  And whether you will be a belligerent threat or a peaceful contributor.

When you innerstand these areas and how to use your public facing entity, the STRAWMAN, as a middle-man, that can wear multiple legal personalities, you will be well equipped to deal with most given situations.  The ultimate goal here is for you to know who you are in any situation so that you will be able to confidently manage your affairs without going to jail or other harmful things to yourself and others.

If you are expecting the answer to be handed to you on a silver platter, this might not be the site for you.  Templates and do-it-for-me expectations are core behaviours of minors, wards and ‘idiots’ according to the statutory world.

Humanity is better served long term by having inner knowing that comes from strength of knowledge and conscious awareness of one’s cause and effect of one’s actions.  We trust that you see that the journey is more fulfilling and effective in this manner.


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