Your Reactivity Shapes Our Future

How you position yourself in your understanding of the real power and authority you have in this world shapes our political, social and economic destinies.  You think we have a government that controls us, yet aren’t you the ones that voted them in?

The power has and will always be within you to shape the future of our mutual societies.  Through our beliefs, values and behaviours, our daily decisions form the rules of our society.  Are you tired of wearing a mask?  Are you tired of your business being closed?  Then direct your government trustees to do something.  They are just a service corporation.  Who do they serve?  We, the people.

Who’s God are you following?

You asked for an earthly God to rule over you because you either lost faith in your heavenly father or yourselves.  The outer world is an expression of our inner world.  Do you see corruption around you?  Where is the corruption inside of you?  Where is the greed and disdain for human or other life inside of you?  Where have you contributed to the current social climate?

Do you get angry when you hear those words?  What can I do you say?  You start with a personal inventory of where you are contributing to the current situation.  Are you a follower, adopter, dissenter, destructor, leader, motivationalist, contributor?  Where do you rank?  Are you rational or irrational?  Are you peaceful or a bully?

We need leaders in order to manage the potential chaos and the plights of people who do bad things.  Are you helping or hindering?  Are you contributing or destroying.  Are you leaving a positive or negative legacy behind you?

I’m grateful for what is happening now, because those that were asleep are certainly waking up now.  The beast is feeding on itself from the inside out and their plans are very obvious now.  Yahoo!  Good times are afoot.

How far and how bad do things have to get before you say NO?  Some of you reading this are thinking what difference can I make?  Certainly, your thoughts and actions impact hugely on what is going on.  Do you fear or advance in situations like this?

Your Reactivity is a Measure of Your Fear

The level of reactivity people are having is a direct reflection of the fear inside people and the amount of unresolved baggage that is certainly being triggered by the pandemic.

This path requires constant feeding and watering.  It’s a new way of life and once you know something, you can’t un-know it.  The earth’s destiny is to evolve.  You can’t evolve when you are stuck in fear and destruction.  There needs to be a balance.  How we evolve and the way we go about creating on this planet demonstrates our maturity levels.  You want to be star travelers?  You need to be star minded.

In nature, death is natural.  Life and death exist on the same branch of a tree.  The bud bursts into spring shedding it’s protective skin to make way for the leafy palm to open itself ready to feed on the life giving sun.  All life and death events serve a purpose.  The natural cycle will happen when we let it.  The natural cycle ending now is the death of the slave system.  The death of the controllers, the rise of the people and the ‘christ’ within us.

We see the dying embers of corruption, greed and overreaching powers.  The COVID pandemic is only a manifestation of the death of an old program that will not serve the brave new world of peace and harmony.  How can we enter our intergalactic age when we are intergalactic mongrels and idiots compared to our benevolent star sisters and brothers.

For something to recreate, it needs to break down.  This can be done violently or peacefully.  Nature has a innate intelligent order that regulates the creation of all things.  When something is unnatural, it shows it’s hand.  The unnatural plan breaks down and is revealed. What are we seeing now?  Hallelujah!

How do we restore peace and order?  Recreate ourselves from within. Take responsibility for our actions, be accountable and accept the liabilities we have created.



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