PMA Structuring Solutions Advisory Team


Sovereign By Design is a private member association creating and sharing educational materials for men and women that are motivated to take action to Self-Govern, claim and live privately, and move their business into Private Membership organizations.

Meet our team, of private men and women whom share a common vision, operate their own PMA Businesses and yet, have come together in their private capacity, as part of our Advising Community to assist with the bringing of this shared vision into reality.

i, Angela

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Sovereign By Design was created out of pure desire to create a better tomorrow for my children and our collective children. Coming from a business and entrepreneurial background, from the first time I heard about private and PUBLIC jurisdiction I intuitively felt this would be the solution to the significant problems we see in our collective world today. Government is a public service and function of the people and no more. We are here on this planet to deeply learn about who we are as Divine Beings in this realm and to self-express that Divinity through our individual expression of the Great Spirit that moves through each and everyone of us. Private Trusts, Unincorporated Associations and Private Membership business structures provide us the private foundations we need to live freely and bring heaven onto earth through service to each other. My goal is to be of service to my brothers and sisters of the globe as together we bring about the change we want to see in the world. Outside of being a life partner to my beautiful husband and a mom to two wonderful girls, I have been trained as a deep healing spiritual coach and have been creating and doing "business" in different entrepreneurial capacities for three decades.


i, Bernard

I am the Director of L.I.F.E Foundation (Inc.)

Our mission is to leave people trusting themselves and their relationships within their community.

I became aware of the commercial landscape as a venue for self-governance, social-accountability and autonomy in 2017, when many other people were getting their banking and business under a trust arrangement. As the Director, I build various educational programs including the KYT (Know Your Trust) Protocol for everyday business. The back bone of which is this Banking Program (of which we are integrating into this PMA program).

Our Program is to present basics and structural approaches to setting up our businesses with some highlighted features on ownership; hence a Trust model.

PMA, Un-incorporated Associations, Incorporations, Sole Proprietor, etc., are all unique classes of businesses that can be combined with one-another to make stronger community structures, bodies and groups. Having and delivering essential business tools is a civic and constitutional goal of L.I.F.E Foundation.

I have been consulting on Trust-Business-Arrangements for over ten years, and am self-taught with a background in Fine Arts Degree, and some 3 years of teaching experience at a small technical institute. I became interested in the legal system many years after i was met with hazardous public policies and acts. I took more of an interest in the legal system as a means of trying to have it pay me back, as so much time was put into defending early court cases. As a self litigant I lost many court cases and I had too much invested in trying to win. Big Emphasis on trial, and many things appeared for not, until tax exempt entities and how they  benefited PMA, Benevolent Services, Community Organizations, Ecclesiastical Organizations, Indian Tribal Governments, etc.

I am excited to share my experience with SovereignByDesign, each trainer (and their Business) and all future business creators wishing to establish community integrity through Business Trust Arrangements and expanding their contracting skills in all things civics and administration.

i, Susan  (Book with Susan)

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The fall-out of the past 3-years was a turning point in what has felt like a long journey, connecting me to other like-minded souls and guiding me to Sovereign By Design’s Wisdom’s Calling: Blessings of Liberti program. This program evoked a remembrance of my spirit and guided me to the PMA Structuring/Banking program.

I currently have a business running in the private jurisdiction where we trade with private men and women through a conscious Private Membership Association (PMA) operating at a physical location. The PMA Structuring/Banking program has opened my eyes to new ways of being and has given me the confidence to operate my business outside the seas of commerce. The bank accounts support my Trust and Un-incorporated business structure. I have never felt so alive as I have over the past 3-years!

My spark of divinity has ignited a passion within me to be of service by assisting others along their journey and in turn building a strong community - there’s beauty and simplicity there. I am following my true path, living life with intention and purpose.


i, Gabriel    (Book with Gabe)

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Do you want to work hand-in-hand with like-hearted men and women to build a new world where trust, responsibility and peace are the core foundational pillars of the puzzle?

Synarchy - This is what lights my soul.

For over 23 years I’ve been in the public domain as an executive advisor and facilitator offering strategic planning, positioning strategies, business modeling services and guiding c-suites, as well as customizing workshops for big and small teams to support their decision-making process and to un-tap the vast potential every individual has within the organization.

I was seeing only one part of the show until 2020 woke up in me new discoveries and learnings.

Today I have a new vision of myself and the world.

Now I can see the difference between the public and the private domain. This is the game of contracts, trusts and agreements. Now I know I can choose to be a conscious trustee of responsibility and peace for the benefit of one integrated family as a collective, over blind choices of war. I can use my own inner authority and my expertise to help expand the consciousness of mankind by exercising self-leadership at a higher level.

For me, this is what the “Build Your Unincorporated Business Structure” Program is all about. A path towards a new world of TRUST where a handshake is inspiring enough to build synarchy.

i, Skye  ( Book with Skye (Australia)

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Blessed to grow up on the land as a 4th generation farmer’s daughter, I went on to complete a Bachelor of Agribusiness then ventured into radio journalism, early year’s teaching, small business start-up and finally logistics within the maritime industry.

My experience with divorce in 2014 was a catalyst for my father waking up to the truth of the public realm, and his courageous journey over the years inspired my own path of learning. This walk has led me to the realization that perhaps the greatest lie we were ever sold has been the denial of our Creator-granted dominion and abundance. I feel a soul responsibility to show my offspring and their offspring another way.

I see that UA’s, PMA’s and Private Trusts are potent tools that can help us forge new ways. By organizing our vessels in the seas of commerce, we are better equipped to navigate safe passage. What I appreciate most about these tools is how they can elevate us from a mindset of “us vs them”; it’s not personal, it’s just a system. This in turn helps us expand towards a state of unity consciousness.

I am deeply honored to be a part of this body of knowledge, because whilst steering our vessel and creating protections, we also move from a lens of self-service to community-service. We find new avenues for the 7 generations ahead and break down shackles that have bound the 7 before, because our Creator wants us to thrive and open our hearts.

i, Randy  

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I became conscious that something was “not quite right” almost 30 years ago. Like most people in society, I blindly but reluctantly followed what my parents had unknowingly misguided me to do because it was what everyone else did - it truly is ‘the blind leading the blind’.

My insatiable desire to know “why” and relentless search of the truth, guided me to an article about the “person” being an artificial entity. This was my distinct “red pill” awakening and the true law shone through exposing the misguided short comings and deceit of the legal system. This pivotal moment changed everything, the puzzle pieces of the matrix started to clearly assemble.

These past three years have been an immense unveiling for people and most are just discovering that the system does not have your best interest at heart. This body of knowledge helps one see where they can move their business into a private realm where constitutional norms do not intrude and protect their livelihood allowing them to fully step into the capacity of that private status.

Men and women were intended to be free, that’s why the concept of ‘free will’ even exists. Supporting others in this movement gives me faith and joy that there is a desire for people to reclaim their sovereignty and stand in the power of knowledge. Having a community of like-minded people working together and supporting each other, will maximize the potential of structures like Unincorporated PMAs, thus making us collectively stronger, and helping to stabilize the future for our offspring.

I want to commend and honor all that choose to walk down this path having the courage to embody and step into the light.  

i, Tym  

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I first learned of the ‘private domain’ in 2007 and did what most do when they learn about it, I went hog-wild trying any solution I could find to fight the “injustices" I perceived in the world. Some 15+ years later, I have become much more discerning about what I invest my time and energy in.

My background is actually in the relationship coaching arena, where for the last 10 years I have helped folks solve their relationship issues by helping them ‘unpack’ the issues lurking within themselves.

I now see this path as one of the best personal development opportunities around as I believe your paperwork is only as good as the version of ‘you’ that you bring to it.

I ended up in the PMA/structuring arena by looking to solve my own situations, and now enjoy the challenge of helping others who want to do the same and becoming the wo/man that can stand in that space.

With so many messed up collective ideologies being foisted upon the public; I see the possibility of learning to pilot ourselves in the private as one of the biggest gifts we could offer the world.

I have long since let go of the idea of saving the world and no longer see the world as something to be saved.

Instead, I stand by saving myself, and then helping others to do the same. I feel our best chance of changing the world is by becoming the change we’d like to see in the world… and I see nothing more powerful than that in the collective experience.

That’s why I got involved.