Step 4: Who Am I?



First and foremost you are a creation of the creator – a man or woman. Biblically you are the child and creation of God, Yashua, Jehovah, Abba, Father, Lord, Sananda, et al others.

Technically the bible says, made in the image of God, an heir which makes you universally domiciled.

Knowing who you are makes the difference between legal slavery and lawful freedom. Being collateral or using the credit available for you as pledged by the crown and the vicar of Christ.

Knowing who you are affects how you navigate the seas of commerce, your success in courts and your interactions with agencies and commercial entities – the contracts that bind you.

There is a lot of talk about status and who we are in the world. This is an expansive question. One with both metaphysical implications, commercial uses and indoctrinations. As any of these modules shows, you must find the answers for yourself and perform your own due diligence to find what is relevant and applicable to you in any given situation.

A most worthy study…...

Disclaimer: This program does not constitute legal advice and the user is responsible for their own due diligence and use of any of the contents or application of any information or forms coinciding with the following descriptives.