Book Reading Summary on the History of War Powers

In Summary, from our week one “reading on War Powers” and from the original conversation in Week two with Marcia Ann on this topic......(by no means is this inclusive)....

What is War Powers?

War Powers is a function or a protection of the stability of a nation that is technically under The Law of Nations and is only designed to exercise until peace can be restored and a peaceful civil government can be restored. The unfortunate thing about that exercise of military rule is that it has been laid and never removed.

It's the power to make war or the power to enforce a law. That's a war power. Even though the enforcement ability is a war power.

War Powers as a Function and Strategy....

The War Powers seem carefully and thoroughly designed to take our life-giving energy and creativity out of the “Tree of Life” and have us endlessly focused on distractions. It’s as if they know “As below” that they keep us focused in a fear based existence and create “systems” that entangle us. The results for the Tree of Life are literally polluted at the roots by our attention.

Tree of Life roots polluted through War Powers

Intricately woven into our life on earth...

An example, providing clarity on how War Powers has been woven through everything in life including our schooling, our laws and commerce…..

Quoting Marcia Anne, "In our schools we have these huge debate teams. What is a debate? A debate is somebody taking a position and then calling up the opposite. So that there's an argument, a divisiveness. We're taught divisiveness in our thinking in our speaking, we're taught in the courts to go in as an adversary. Then to the courts…..There's a plaintiff and a defendant. This one has arguments. It wasn't until I started studying the uniform commercial code that I began to realize that I have been a person with an honourable intent expressing myself with acts of dishonour.

The uniform commercial code said when a presentment or an offer is made, there are basically five ways to address it.There's one to address it immediately and carry it out. That's called a chord and satisfaction. There's another way, that is to refuse for cause without dishonour. I refuse it and if I have a reason to do that, I'm not dishonourable because the reason stops me from acting honourably in the offer. The other one is to conditionally accept it on proof - I'm not going to refuse it if you can conditionally bring forward more information so I can accept it honourably.

There are two ways under the reading of the uniform commercial code to be in dishonour; one is to remain silent, which was what I did a lot in my life, And the other is to argue. So in any circumstance in War Powers, when you remain silent, silence is consent and then to argue is in dishonour.

When we enter ourselves into contract, as dishonourable people, we actually were thinking we're doing the right thing because we've been taught to defend ourselves, we've been taught to debate, we've been taught to stand up for our rights, which most of the time is in our perception and is considered an entitlement.

We then become dishonourable in the process, and like it or not, the uniform commercial code and the laws are what they call gentleman's agreement. Parties in dishonour have no standing to prevail. And we see that even in equitable jurisprudence where it says to get equity, you must give equity.

So we're talking about how do we live in the pool of war powers in a state of grace?

Is it possible to get from underneath the “War Powers”?
Yes and we're going to achieve it first through knowledge, through walking through the documents that show us not only that we are in War Powers, than how we've been designed to accept the War Powers. And then we're going to be moving through the documents that show that we have the treaties of peace. We have immunities. We have places where as spiritual beings, we can rise above it and remove the trappings and the effects of War Powers in our lives. As a self authenticating process, we don't have to ask anybody for authority to do it.

End of Summary
That’s the summary. The main point I take away from the first reading of “War Powers”, is that most everything we live and breathe has been crafted by the “War Powers” to bend our perception of Truth and Reality so that we remain enslaved.

Unless we understand the soup that we are in we won’t have the power to get through the process of where we are going - Marcia Ann

May these studies empower your Sovereign Spirit!


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