Why Templates are Dangerous

Many of you are looking for answers to questions you’re just beginning to become aware of even asking about your freedoms and rights.  Studying this material is a full-time endeavour and should be apart of every school curriculum as far as I’m concerned.

However, having the government give you proper notice or explaining how things work to you is not in their best interests nor is their responsibility to teach you who you are.  In fact, YOU are the only one that can answer the proverbial question of WHO AM I?

And since there’s so much compartmentalization within government agencies, you are dealing with low end drones that say they do not have a clue.  We’re finding more government agents and Ministers themselves plead ignorance or say I don’t know, which is no excuse for those in these public trustee positions.

Government agents don’t like it when you question their competency, but since THEY are administering their own rules, THEY are responsible to know it.  Remember, THEY are servants to US we, the people.  They exist in their job to perform for US, not the other way around.

I often am asked for templates.  Do you have something already done?  I say for myself I do.  Then I proceed to ask, have you studied this material or that content…. often it’s a no.  Then I say, well what good will a template do you if you don’t know how to use it?  This may seem a harsh response, however, there are SERIOUS consequences to not knowing how to apply yourself in any given situation.  AND not knowing what the content is on the documents you send out.

I’ve seen it time and time again, templates get used for court filings or change of status and the filer forgets to remove the other person’s name out of it or change the affidavit contents to their own.  What do you think a judge will say?  Purjury is a serious offense.  Or even worse, you go into court and the judge starts asking you about your material and you can’t answer him/her.

I cringe at the thought of this DO-IT-FOR-ME generation having to take care of me when I get older as they tend not to read or get all the facts.  CO**VI*D response case in point.  Your creator will not allow you to go unscathed if you haven’t done the necessary work.  We are a planet awakening en masse as we have been complacent for centuries.  There are no rewards for complacency except a log-jam at the mouth of your life path.  So start making a plan for regular study routine to get edumacated…it will serve you well in times of crisis and times of challenge.

This is YOUR LIFE and your family’s.  Treat it with great respect and care.  Do your homework.  It’s the necessary step to competence and confidence.  Then when you are challenged, you can stand anywhere, anytime, against any one, confidently.

Yes, it will be scary at first, but having a knowledge arsenal behind you will be your spear of truth and protection.  Get prepared to develop a thick skin.  This is NOT for the light-hearted and if you’re not prepared to toss your old patterns or beliefs, this will be a rough ride.  You’re here on this planet for a reason at this time.  You’re a warrior.  Be brave, stand strong and remember why you’re here.


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