Conditional Acceptance $35

What are your responsibilities to your government?

As a business and private individual, your relationship with the Government of Canada is based on contract and constructive trust.  Pursuant to the charter and constitution, are you aware you are not required to enforce, join yourself to their matters?

Everything is About Contract and Offer!

Liability Notice for Home and Retail Outlet


Medical Mask Exemption PDF / Card


Step 1:  Birth Certificate $35.00


Step 2: Power Of Attorney $45.00

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Step 3: PUBLIC Vs. Private  $35.00


Step 4:  Who Am I?

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Step 5:  What does Sovereignty mean? $35.00

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Step 6:  Exercising Kings Prerogative - Advanced $65.00

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Discover Strategies on How To Deal With Employers in a Covid World $25.00

Webinar: Buying Property and Reserving Your Rights

Webinar: Using Conditional Acceptances for Multiple Scenarios $25.00